Kentucky Introduces Bill to Legalize Marijuana

Kentucky Marijuana

Looks like the Bluegrass state could potentially pass a proposed bill to allow doctors the ability to prescribe up to five ounces of marijuana to their patients, per month. , of reports:

This act was introduced by Senator Barry B. Clark (D) who represents Louisville’s 37th district and sits on the health and welfare committee of the Kentucky State Senate. His proposed bill, Senate Bill #129 would give doctors the ability to prescribe up to 5 ounces of marijuana to their patients, per month, or they could choose to cultivate up to 5 marijuana plants. There is also a provision stating that pharmacies that wish to dispense the drug go under state certification. Several other states, including Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio are presently considering legislation to legalize weed for medical use, or decriminalize possessing small amounts.

Senate bill #129 is also known as the Gatewood Galbraith Memorial Medical Marijuana Act. Gatewood Galbraith was lawyer from Kentucky and an avid supporter of marijuana legalization. Mr. Galbraith passed away early this January.

Senator Clark’s office has pulled out a pretty solid fact about how Americans feel about legalizing pot for medicinal use. A 2010 poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post, showed that 81% of Americans polled are totally cool with legalizing herb, and making it a medicine, man.

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