Former St. X QB Chad O’Shea to Coach in the Super Bowl

Chad O'shea Patriots

1991 graduate Chad O’Shea will be coaching in the Super Bowl this weekend as the receivers coach for the New England Patriots.  He joined their staff in February, 2009, but this is his 9th season as an NFL coach.  After playing quarterback for St. X, O’Shea went on to throw for Marshall University and University of Houston.  His NFL coaching career also includes the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings. Visit the Patriots website for his complete bio. [via Saint X]

Read the full article by Eric Crawford at the Courier Journal [quote sourced below via the CJ]

“Every day I walk into that complex I think about what an opportunity I’ve been given,” he said. “I have guys like Deion Branch from U of L — the guy is awesome as far as a guy to work with. And Wes Welker is the same thing. Those guys truly are professionals. It really is a unique situation I’m in, to have the opportunity to work for Bill Belichick and the opportunity to be able to work so closely with a quarterback like Tom Brady and then have such great receivers in the room.

“The great thing as a coach is that they’re accomplished football players, but there’s not a day they come in there that they’re not trying to get better. They’re accomplished, but they’re not accomplished enough in their minds.”