Falls City Beer Returns Home to Louisville

Falls City Beer

Falls City Beer is making it’s way back home to its roots, here in Louisville Kentucky. Though our state is known to many as Bourbon country, we’re also deeply steeped in our brewing history and up-and-coming micro-breweries. According to the Courier-Journal via brewery owner David Easterling,

Easterling said he’ll soon order brewing tanks to begin making a limited quantity of Falls City Beer in Louisville for the first time since October 1978, when G. Heileman moved Falls City Production to Evansville.

They’ll make it in a building on Barret Avenue in the Highlands where the company has a largely unused tasting room.

Easterling said that the company hopes eventually to use it for tastings to test and market new styles of beer, and to sell growlers, the large jugs that some bars and stores will fill with fresh tap beer for carryout. He said he hopes the company will introduce a new seasonal style before the 2012 Kentucky Derby.

An old Louisville favorite has returned with a whole new recipe. Falls City Original Pale Ale is now available at dozens of local bars and restaurants. The new brew is made in the style of Falls City Pale Ale from the 1930’s. Falls City began as a craft beer in 1905, made in small batches with only the finest ingredients. As we start again, 105 years later, we are once again a craft beer with a commitment to quality and taste. [Falls City]

Excited yet? Because we sure are! Now go grab a cold Falls City and enjoy the below short video.