Bellarmine Basketball Video, We’re Back, Gaining National Attention

Bellarmine Basketball Video - We're Back

Bellarmine is gaining national attention, not just for their amazing basketball play, but also for their fun, catchy and creative video, “We’re Back” that pays tribute to the men’s basketball team. We recently wrote about their video: “Silver and Scarlet” [colors of the Bellmarine University Knights], produced by Bust-a-Walnut Productions [Twitter: @BustaWalnut].

NBC Sports’ College Basketball Talk, recently syndicated a story about the video, noting the following:

I love everything about this. The fact that they are playing their own music; the fact that the leader singer or rapper or whatever throws down a pretty nasty dunk; the fact that everyone involved actually seems to have a modicum of talent.

The performers aren’t the only people at Bellarmine that are talented. The hoops team can play as well. Not only are they the reigning national champs and currently sitting at No. 2 in the nation in Divison II, they lost to Louisville by eight at the Yum! Center in a scrimmage earlier this season before losing to Xavier by three at the Cintas Center.

Yes, Bellarmine, you certainly are back. [full spread here]

Great work Knights, a hat tip to those involved in creating the video and to President McGowan for joining in on the festivities and showing his own sense of humor and school spirit.