Artist Uses Talents for Wife’s Benefit Fundraiser

Aaron Kizer Painting of Laura Kirtley

Aaron Kizer paints Laura Kirtley of Eyewitness News Local WEHT WTVW.

Some have heard or seen Aaron Kizer’s amazing talents in action, while others have just benefited from his art, in the form of charitable donations he’s contributed to the American Cancer Society, St. Jude, CASA and others from the proceeds of his shows. For those that don’t know Aaron, he’s made a name for himself within the tri-state area, in addition being spotlighted on a global stage; most notably, his Steve Jobs speed painting.

Aaron began his journey during and after cancer took his father just three years ago. Since, his creative imagination and artistic talent have taken to the blank canvas, expressing his very emotion in the form of art to raise funds for his father’s cancer treatments. One thing most don’t know about Aaron is that the proceeds of so many of his shows and art goes directly to cancer research for children, adults and those struggling to overcome this terrible Viagra disease, much in honor of his father, Nelson. So much so that the American Cancer Society issued its first ever recipient award “Tuff As Nels” (NELSon) to a cancer survivor this year in honor of his late father.

Since the passing of his father, Aaron has always given back to those who desperately needed it. As fate would have it, Aaron now has to use his talents for his family, specifically for his wife, Kitty Kizer… a loving, amazing, supportive wife, mother of two beautiful children and generous giver to the community and charitable organizations.

Kitty and Aaron Kizer

Aaron Kizer with wife Kitty Kizer and their two children.

Kitty’s unexplained complications began in September with severe seizures. Since, the seizures have impacted her life so drastically that she’s having trouble remembering the ones she’s loved for so many years… herself, two children and loving husband. Fortunately, this comes and goes, which eludes to the fact that there’s still HOPE that Kitty can make a full recovery with the right treatment and reunite with her loving family and friends. Countless doctors from Owensboro and Evansville struggled to determine the cause of her condition. Luckily, Kitty has been transported to UK’s Medical Hospital, where doctors are working tirelessly to determine the cause. They are currently treating her for a rare disease called Limbic Encephalitis; a disease characterized by inflammation of the brain and caused by auto-immunity; that is an abnormal state where the body produces antibodies against itself.

As you could imagine this is a very difficult time for their family. Kitty hasn’t seen her children, due to her condition, in over a month and despite their positive attitudes, are struggling to keep afloat with chins held high.

How you can help: Kizer is holding a benefit at Reid’s Orchard where there will be live music, silent and live auction and many of Kizer’s globally renown art that will be up for sale or bid. All proceeds to benefit Kitty Kizer and her medical expenses. More info on Facebook at the Event Page

Kitty Kizer Benefit